Catheter Testing Equipment

The Interventional Device Testing Equipment (IDTE) from MSI is the state of the art catheter testing equipment.  The IDTE is designed to comparatively and quantitatively tests and records the performance […]

Heart Valve Fatigue Testing – Accelerated Wear and Tear

Heart Valve Fatigue Testing: Measured parameters Leaflet durability – wear test Leaflet kinematics – opening and closing behavior Valve hydrodynamic performance inspections Visual and SEM inspections Heart Valve Fatigue Testing: […]

Pulsatile Flow Visualization – PIV, ECHO DOPPLER

  Pulsatile Flow Visualization           Pulsatile Flow Visualization: Measured parameters Qualitative pulsatile flow visualization Quantitative pulsatile flow visualization – PIV Flow Doppler measurements – echocardiography Pulsatile […]