Our Partners – Protomed Labs

Machine Solutions Inc, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Machine Solutions Inc. is a leading manufacturer and pioneer in providing the medical device community with the premier solution for catheter processing applications.  MSI has been instrumental in automating or semi-automating several manual processes within catheter manufacturing organizations.  Please visit www.machinesolutions.com for additional corporate and MSI product.information.


 ViVitro Labs Inc, Canada

ViVitro Labs Inc., Canada, offers industry-leading cardiovascular test equipment and related laboratory testing and consulting services. Hundreds of organizations in over 39 countries for 30 years have trusted ViVitro expertise, accuracy, and quality for their heart valve, LVAD, TAH, stent, and graft testing. ViVitro products are manufactured by StarFish Medical in Victoria, Canada. Please visit www.vivitrolabs.com for additional corporate and product information.



CONSTELLATION is a French consortium of privately held companies located in Strasbourg, France. PROTOMED, IHU STRASBOURG and BS MEDICAL TECH gather together years of expertise in medtech R&D, clinical expertise, training and manufacturing.


Protomed Labs – Partners